Regional Integrated Water Management Strategies
Hume Integrated Water Management Strategy, VIC
Client: Hume City Council
The municipality of Hume is experiencing sustained urban growth with corresponding pressures on the environment through increased urban stormwater runoff and demands on potable supplies. DesignFlow developed an Integrated Water Management Strategy to respond to these development pressures and support a path towards improved water management. Extensive catchment mapping and analysis was undertaken to develop the water and pollutant balance which quantified current impacts and estimated future impacts based on a range of scenarios and assumptions. The model included potable and non-potable water use and wastewater discharge as well as rainfall runoff. Stormwater volumes and pollutant loads were determined for a range of land uses and surface types. A suite of large scale retrofit opportunities were identified across the municipality as well as areas expected to be captured under requirements of the Victorian Planning Provisions. Targets were set and recommendations for meeting these targets made based on financial contributions and realistic timeframes. Project findings were provided to Council in a report, stylised spread sheets and GIS layers.