Stormwater Asset Management
WSUD Asset Management - Needs and Scope
Client: Healthy Waterway Partnership
Good design is important but must be coupled with effective construction, establishment and ongoing management in order to realise the potential benefits of that design. This is particularly important for vegetated stormwater management systems such as bioretention systems, wetlands and swales. A number of industry stakeholders, including local government and private consultants, have highlighted the lack of appropriate guidance and protocols on construction, establishment, asset transfer and ongoing maintenance as a major barrier to the successful implementation of water sensitive urban design.
The policy position in Queensland means that stormwater management is now, or will be in the near future, an element of all new development and infrastructure delivery. Evidence from local authorities indicates there is a wave of WSUD infrastructure making its way through the development approval and construction process. This 'WSUD Asset Wave' will soon make its way into Council, or other, ownership for operation, management and maintenance. DesignFlow was commissioned to identify the: The work was based on a comprehensive stakeholder consultation exercise with both high level managers through to the on-ground personnel completing maintenance work. The findings of the assessment were used to establish a project plan to deliver a comprehensive range of guidelines and tools that will assist and guide the management of WSUD assets from handover to ongoing maintenance (refer guidelines below).