Policy, Guidelines and Training
Gold Coast Stormwater Management Objectives
Client: Gold Coast City Council
Gold Coast City Council have been applying a set of stormwater management objectives for over 10 years. These include a number of hydrologic management objectives which Council have not been strictly applying for a number of reasons. DesignFlow, in collaboration with Bligh Tanner, were commissioned by Council to review these hydrologic management objectives and recommend changes to the objectives to ensure it is clear when the objectives should be applied and what the compliance method is. Furthermore, DesignFlow were asked to review the waterway stability objective and frequent flow objective proposed in the State Planning Policy for Healthy Waters and provide recommendations regarding implementation on the Gold Coast.

The assessment involved detailed technical assessment of the objectives across a number of case studies. The work found that Council should update the hydrologic objectives and delete some of the old objectives. It also found that Council should establish its own version of the frequent flow objective for the Gold Coast.