Urban Lake Management
Moreton Bay Lakes Prioritisation, QLD
Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Constructed and natural lakes within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area are under considerable pressure due to increasing urban development and historical land uses. As a result, many are in a degraded condition, or are at risk deteriorating in the future. Historically, with the absence of design, construction and management guidelines, many lakes were poorly designed and / or not adequately maintained. This has often led to a rapid deterioration of water quality and aesthetic values, failure of hydraulic structures and infestations of noxious weeds. In recognition of its commitment to gain an increased understanding of urban lakes located on land under its control Council commissioned Limnologic and DesignFlow to identify, characterise and prioritise lakes situated on Council owned land and to develop a Management and Rectification Framework for very high priority lakes. The investigations involved: Of the 213 Council owned lakes, 22 were identified as very high priority requiring management and/or rectification.