Urban Lake Management
Spavin Lake Water Quality Improvement Plan, VIC
Client: Hume City Council
DesignFlow developed a water quality management plan to lower the risk of cyanobacterial growth within Spavin Lake. A detailed site analysis identified several lake attributes - lack of macrophytes, long hydraulic residence times, high turbidity and inflows with high nutrient concentrations - as the likely factors contributing to the nuisance growth of cyanobacteria within the lake. Management options to improve water quality within the lake included modifying the lake bathymetry and volume, retrofitting the lake with a stormwater treatment wetland system that can also be used to recirculate lake water during high risk periods for cyanobacterial growth and re-establishing macrophytes throughout the lake.

The management plan also addressed other lake management issues such as:  
Spavin Lake 1  
Spavin Lake 2  
Spavin Lake 3