Dr Robin Allison
Robin is an environmental engineer who understands the benefit of water in community spaces. He successfully collaborates with urban and landscape designers to integrate sustainable water solutions within the constraints of establishing urban communities. He has specialist skills in urban stormwater management, and in particular, integrating and delivering water sensitive urban design in residential and prominent public spaces.
His experience includes urban development and redevelopment projects at many scales, wetland and bioretention designs, stormwater harvesting, water policy development as well as research and publication on stormwater treatment devices. He has given many industry seminars and training courses. His expertise covers investigation, planning, design, construction supervision and project management of water infrastructure.

Shaun Leinster
Shaun is an Environmental Engineer and Designer who has extensive expertise in the fields of urban stormwater management, water sensitive urban design, integrated water cycle management, river and stream hydrology and water resource management. He has particular expertise in the design of innovative of water sensitive urban design elements, sustainable water management solutions and stormwater management systems, through co-ordination of collaborative relationships with urban designers, landscape architects and engineers. This has allowed Shaun to develop a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between design (urban, landscape and built form) and the natural and created (engineering infrastructure).
Shaun has been an active contributor to broader water and stormwater industry through the authoring of numerous design guidelines and the provision of ongoing training through the Water By Design initiative of the Healthy Waterway Partnership.

Georgie Wettenhall
Georgie is passionate about managing urban water to enhance landscapes and protect environmental values. She enjoys working with clients to achieve strategic outcomes based on strong technical analysis and clear communication. Her experience includes the successful design and delivery of many stormwater treatment and harvesting schemes and developing water sensitive urban design (WSUD) strategies for urban developments, industry and the public domain.
Georgie has contributed to the development of WSUD within Australia through authoring technical guidelines, developing standards and presenting industry training courses and conferences. She has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and thirteen years' experience in urban water management. 

Ralph Williams
Ralph is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Hydrology and Water Resources and has over 15 years experience in Australia and overseas. He has a particular interest in water treatment, recycling and aquifer storage and recovery. His practical skills in design and construction supervision compliment his conceptual design and modelling approach ensuring that strategies and plans are practical and can be easily implemented.
He has supervised major dam construction, irrigation systems, stormwater pipe installations and has extensive engineering design experience in hydraulic, hydrologic, hydrogeologic and geotechnical fields and well as computer simulations. Applying these highly technical design skills to help develop community orientated outcomes as part of broader water sensitive urban design objectives is a major focus for Ralph.

Jason Sonneman
Jason is an aquatic ecologist with expertise in water resource assessment and management. He has over 14 years experience working on the ecology of marine and freshwater ecosystems, particularly urban streams and wetlands. His experience includes developing integrated approaches to urban water management and the innovative use of water sensitive urban design concepts within urban development projects at many scales. This includes the modelling of catchment runoff and the design of stormwater treatment and harvesting systems such as wetlands and bioretention systems. He has specialist skills in ecosystem assessment and management, environmental impact assessment and statistical analysis of environmental data.

Nic Smith
Nic is an Environmental Engineer with a focus on water sensitive urban design and integrated water management. With over nine years experience working in both private and public sectors, he has gained an appreciation for the diverse array of water related issues and opportunities within urban areas and receiving environments.
Nic's capabilities lie in developing innovative water solutions for the urban environment as part of multi-disciplinary teams. His experience ranges from concept planning to detailed design and construction supervision, as well as contributing to guideline development and capacity building within local government.  

Michael Mathers
Michael joined the DesignFlow team to manage and deliver drafting and documentation of designs. He has a wealth of experience at preparing detailed design drawings and digital terrain modelling as well as conceptual imagery. His background in Landscape Architecture combined with a keen eye for detail and effective communication ensures high quality and efficient delivery of water sensitive urban design documentation.  

Andrew Cook
Andrew is an Environmental Scientist with expertise in integrated water cycle management and water sensitive urban design. Andrew has managed and provided technical input into a range of stormwater, waterway and catchment management projects. He has experience in developing integrated approaches to urban water management in a diversity of built environments. Andrew's experience includes the design and delivery of stormwater treatment systems, including bioretention and constructed wetlands.
Andrew has postgraduate experience with the Australian Rivers Institute, working on multidisciplinary research projects and collaborating with groups such as the Healthy Waterways Partnership and CRC's. Andrew gained experience in a range of scientific and ecological assessment techniques and remote area fieldwork.