Water sustains life, creates landscapes and importantly dictates where we live, work and recreate. The value of water requires that we preserve and manage it as a fundamental part of designing urban communities.
Degradation of aquatic ecosystems and recent changes in climate and water availability have increased community awareness of the value of waterways and wetlands and the demand for more sustainable communities.
DesignFlow contributes to designs that uncover water as a defining and fundamental part of planning urban communities and supporting landscapes. DesignFlow is a team of water professionals that provide urban water solutions with the client focus of a small practice.
DesignFlow is passionate about the environment and works closely with design collaborators to develop sustainable outcomes for communities through innovative designs that integrate water with community spaces. Our design approach draws heavily from natural systems that focus on collecting, filtering, reusing, conserving and enjoying water in urban spaces. Our designs celebrate water as a resource to experience while providing environmental protection.
DesignFlow staff undertake complex analyses to assess strategies and to prove the function of our designs, presenting results to clients and collaborators in a clear, non-technical manner.
DesignFlow is based in Victoria, South East Queensland and South Australia and its services include:
DesignFlow provides sustainable water systems to new urban areas and to the public realm that contribute to sustainable developments and a greater enjoyment of water in the community.