Water harvesting and reuse
Christie Creek stormwater harvesting, SA
Client: City of Onkaparinga
A concept design was developed in partnership with Wallbridge and Gilbert, Taylor Cullity Lethelan and Australian Groundwater Technologies, for an 850 ML stormwater harvesting project. The project incorporates two significant wetlands, an 80 ML storage dam, 15 km of reticulation pipe and two small flood detention basins that protect road infrastructure. A focus of the project is to provide a community and ecological benefits in addition to the harvesting targets. Soft engineering measures are proposed that incorporate landscape and recreation features that complement the natural environment.
The concept design was presented to the City of Onkaparinga and a community group, and is the preferred option of three submissions to deliver the $15M project. The project has since been constructed by the City of Onkaparinga and is in an establishment phase.
Christie Creek