Water harvesting and reuse
Dry Creek stormwater harvesting, SA
Client: City of Salisbury
DesignFlow were responsible for developing a stormwater harvesting concept for Dry Creek. This involved optimising surface water harvesting infrastructure on Dry Creek, determining appropriate treatment facilities and sizing and the designing wetlands and biofiltration systems. This came after helping council develop a successful funding application to the Water for the Future federal fund.
The system is designed to capture, divert, treat and inject up to 1.7 GL of water per year into local limestone aquifers for reuse in Salisbury's reticulation network.
During the system design, DesignFlow worked closely with Council and engineers Wallbridge and Gilbert to develop construction plans. Planting plans were developed with Council's Landscape Design group and plant nursery. Setting hold points and working closely with council and contractors to problem solve, was also required during construction. In addition, DesignFlow worked with suppliers to develop suitable soil filtration blends for the different cells in the biofilters (see also Unity Park biofiltration and research).
Dry Creek  
Dry Creek  
Dry Creek