Waterway Assessment and Protection
Moreton Bay: Identification of Regional Stormwater Treatment Wetland Locations
Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council
The Moreton Bay Region has experienced a period of rapid growth and urbanisation in the past 10-15 years. The impact of urbanisation on the health of local streams and rivers and marine receiving environments generally is well documented. As urbanisation in the Moreton Bay Region is expected to continue to increase, urgent strategic planning preparation is required to identify opportunities to mitigate potential impacts of stormwater on waterway health. To this end, Council has previously developed the Total Water Cycle Management Strategy (TWCMS) for Moreton Bay Regional Council which identified stormwater quality as a major issue in all urbanised catchments in the region. As part of the TWCMS planning Council commissioned DesignFlow to assist with identifying regional stormwater treatment wetland opportunities across the LGA. This involved a GIS site selection process to identify locations where constructed wetlands can feasibly be delivered, site inspections to verify the site conditions for a constructed wetland, development of conceptual designs and establishment of a simple framework for presenting the design, cost and investigation requirements for each site. The work was completed collaboratively between Council and DesignFlow allowing both groups to build capacity ad skills.