Waterway Assessment and Protection
Wantima Creek
Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Wantima Creek is a small urban waterway that has been identified by Moreton Bay Regional Council as a high priority for stormwater management works as a result of drainage and water quality concerns. DesignFlow developed a stormwater and waterway management design for the creek in collaboration with Alluvium. A rapid waterway assessment was undertaken to define the condition of the in-stream ecology, stability of the waterway (poor in some locations) and identify drainage and flood concerns.
The findings of the assessment were used to define design objectives for the waterway and then to establish a series of stormwater and waterway management options. A final strategy for the management of the creek was established in close consultation with Council and involves updating a large flood storage system, retrofitting a number of GPTs and constructed wetland systems, updating drainage in the lower portions of the catchment and stabilising small sections of the waterway. This design was broadly costed allowing Council to make funding applications for the high priority works in the catchment which includes updating an existing flood storage system and delivering a new stormwater treatment wetland. This infrastructure is due to be delivered soon.