Waterway Assessment and Protection
Windaroo Creek Waterways Assessment
Client: Stockand and Logan City Council
The Bahrs Scrub Land Development Area (LDA) has been subject to significant modification through historical land clearance, agriculture, horticulture and construction of infrastructure including numerous road crossings. Consequently, the hydrological characteristics of many of the waterways within the LDA have been substantially modified, often resulting in poor water quality, loss of aquatic and riparian habitat, and stream instability issues.
An assessment of the upper reaches of the Windaroo Creek Catchment was undertaken to determine the condition of waterways within the Bahrs Scrub LDA. The waterway assessment focused upon:
In-stream aquatic habitat components assessed included: water quality, aquatic and riparian vegetation, woody debris, fluvial processes, presence of weeds, siltation and continuity of aquatic habitat between stream reaches.
The Riparian Quality assessment included: vegetation community structure (presence of life-forms, i.e. canopy trees, understorey trees and shrubs, herbs, graminoids, climbers, ferns and byrophytes), degradation caused by stock access and the continuity of the riparian vegetation along the waterways.
The data collected during the field assessment was used to classify and GIS map the condition of waterways in the upper Windaroo Creek catchment; and to determine the minimum riparian buffers required and whether the Queensland waterway stability objectives apply to future development within the Bahrs Scrub LDA.