Waterway Assessment and Protection
Wonnangatta River: Riparian Condition Assessment
Client: Alluvium - West Gipplsland Catchment Management Authority
A rapid assessment of riparian condition along the Wonnangatta River was undertaken as part of a larger program monitoring the baseline condition of the high flow channel. The monitoring program aims to evaluate the effectiveness of stream recovery works (including erosion stabilisation, stock exclusion and revegetation) in the upper Wonnangatta River valley that is being implemented by the East Gippsland CMA following a severe flooding event in 2007.
Rapid assessment of riparian condition was undertaken using the Habitat Hectares assessment tool. This involved the determination of riparian ecological vegetation communities (EVCs) and the use of EVC benchmarks to assess riparian condition. The Habitat Hectares rapid assessments involved measuring a suite of riparian habitat components such as: large trees, tree canopy cover, understorey, weeds, recruitment of native species, organic litter, logs and landscape context (i.e. patch size and the amount and configuration of native vegetation within proximity of the habitat zone).